Self Defence & Weapons

In order to offer a complete training system the ATA/WTTU created the Protech Training System. The Protech Training System was designed to teach student skills that they would not traditionally learn with Songahm Taekwondo. The Protech Training System has been developed under the direction of Chief. Master G.K. Lee. These programs are used to enhance the students' personal training. Many of these items have been integrated into the self-defence system used by our students or offered with Advanced Training Programs such as Black Belt Club, Master Club, or Leadership Programs.

Our weapons program covers the following disciplines:
Bahng Mahng EE (Single Stick), Ssahng Jeol Bong (Nunchaku), Ssahng Nat (Kama), Johng Bong (Bo Staff), Jee Pahng EE (Cane), Sam Dan Bong (3 Sectional Staff), and the Gum Do (Sword)
Ssahng Jeol Bong (Nunchaku)

This course was developed primarily for all of our "Taekwondo 4  Kids", but many of the adult students have shown an interest as well. It gives students a solid foundation in the basics of the Ssahng Jeol Bong and helps them understand how this exciting weapon works. The material taught in this course is taken from several different backgrounds, pulling the best and the most effective techniques from each. As with other weapons, the benefits include improved upper body development, better hand-eye coordination, increased concentration, and a great deal of fun. We are sure you will find this course to be both challenging and extremely enjoyable.
Single Stick, Double Stick, & Disarming

This course highlights the most popular techniques of the Filipino stick fighting systems, as well as incorporates aspects of Japanese, Chinese and Korean martial arts. The stick course gives students the basics for training in just about any weapons system. It also helps develop hand-eye coordination and is great physical exercise.
Jahng Bong (Long Staff)

This course offers one of the most effective long range weapons used in early Korea. It is a combination of Chinese, Korean and Japanese techniques which allows us to use the best of each style. Besides learning this beautiful weapon, the benefits include increased self-defence skills and tremendous upper body strength, as well as improved concentration, coordination, focus and self confidence.
P.P.C.T. (Pressure Point Control Tactics)

This course is the original course offered by Protech Training Systems used primarily for work in conjunction with local law enforcement. It includes the secrets of "one touch knockout points" and "principles of control." This program has been legally, medically, and tactically researched to put it on the forefront of control tactics. It is currently used by many secret agencies and law enforcement agencies.

Street Self-Defence

This training teaches you the most effective blocking and striking techniques for defence on the street. Based on Muay Thai Boxing techniques, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skill to defend them on the street.

S.H.A.R.P. (Sexual Harassment Assault & Rape Prevention)

The S.H.A.R.P. course includes three sections: Prevention and Psychology, Professional and Social Harassment, and Assault Countermeasures. This is a great self-defence for women in the workplace.

Other Programs offered by the Protech Training System include:

  1. Olympic Style Gyeoroogi (Sparring)
  2. Modern Tai Chi
  3. PPCT Defensive Tactics
  4. PPCT Disruptive Student Management
  5. PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defence

The Protech Training System continues to be expanded and improved under the direction of Chief Master G.K. Lee and the ATA/WTTU.

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