Taekwondo Adult Classes

Taekwondo is a great discipline for students of all ages. The physical and personal benefits of participating in a WTTU program are significant for everyone - adults & kids.

A Challenging Workout

Whether interested in fitness, self-defense, boosting confidence or just there to have fun, this martial arts program is developed to achieve any goal. Classes include a strong cardiovascular workout and flexibility training.
The program provides a high level of personnel challenge, while helping to relieve stress and tension. The possibilities are unlimited for achieving each student’s personal goals.

    - Increase Stamina
    - Reduce Stress
    - Regain Balance
    - Gain Confidence
    - Get and Stay in Shape
    - Relieve Tension
    - Lose Weight
    - Improve Coordination
    - Flexibility
    - Develop Enthusiasm
    - Spend Time with Family and friends

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