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John McCulloch
3rd Degree Black Belt
Chief Instructor McCulloch Taekwondo
Certified ATA, WTTU & STF Instructor
Certified National Judge

Director of Communications Scotland

Mobile No: +44 (0) 7825 589 139


Started Songahm Taekwondo 2002 with Dr Peralta, trained for 4 years before joining the Instructors programme.
I started teaching my own classes 2009.
I have had the pleasure of training with some of the finest Martial artist in Europe.

Achieved Black Belt 1st Degree December 2008 (Kilmaurs, Scotland)

Achieved Level 1 Instructor April 2009 (Portugal)
Achieved Level 1 Judge May 2009 (Kircaldy, Scotland)

Achieved Level 2 Instructor August 2009 (Kircaldy Scotlad - European Annual Camp)
Achieved Level 2 Judge August 2009 (Kircaldy Scotlad - European Annual Camp)

Achieved Black Belt 2nd Degree March 2010 (Kilmarnock, Scotland)
Achieved Level 3 Instructor August 2010 (Cascais, Portugal - ELC)

Achieved Level 3 Judge August 2011 (Rotterdam, Netherlands- ELC)

Achieved Black Belt 3rd Degree March 2012 (Kilmarnock, Scotland)