As well as offering our students the chance to travel, we intend to bring International Instructors to Scotland next year to continue the progress we have made. If we all participate in these events, we should be able to keep costs low.

February 22nd – 25th
Lisbon Portugal with Mr Rosito & Mr Murphy
Details are available see Instructor.

March-Kilmarnock Scotland (date to be confirmed)
Protect Seminar, guest Instructor to be confirmed
May 16th - 19th
Sant Cugat Barcelona
European Leadership

August- Kilmarnock Scotland (date to be confirmed)
with a Master from the USA

October- Kilmarnock (date to be confirmed)
Guest Instructor to be confirmed

November 22nd - 25th
Sant Cugat Barcelona
Miss Busca, European Tournament to be confirmed.


Seminars 2012
Saturday 28th January Oh Sung Do
Saturday 25th February Ground Fighting
Saturday 24th March Ssahng Joel Bong
Saturday 14th April Kicking
Saturday 28th April Mid Range J-Bong
Saturday 26th May Weapons review

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